Like you, we believe your business exists to serve customers, and as such we assure you we will relentlessly pursue excellence in serving your customers.

Furthermore, we believe the only way to provide such uncommon service is to ensure we care for your employees.  We make every effort to keep all of your employees. We will always empower, respect and train your employees.

Below is our promise to you.

ProcessWe know how to get your deal done quickly and cooperatively to meet your objectives
CustomersWe will understand your customers’ needs and build solid relationships with them
EmployeesWe will treat your employees with dignity and seek their expertise in operating the company
LegacyWe will build on your track record of operational excellence

Additionally, we address some of the important concerns you may face:

  • We will only acquire one business, not dozens of portfolio companies
  • Andre Stokes will relocate to your headquarters to manage the business full time, allowing you to step back from daily management
  • We do not wish to make any changes to the business in the first year or more
  • Your company will remain independent and continue to grow
  • Your employees will continue to have rewarding jobs
  • We will preserve your customer relationships and standing in the community
  • A subset of our investor-partners will form a board of directors to help grow the business
  • We have a long investment horizon and are not seeking to flip companies in 3-5 years
  • Our investor-partners have tremendous experience backing entrepreneurs in this type of special situation
(nz)dave via Compfight cc
(nz)dave via Compfight cc