We are different than most companies because we bring significant and time-tested experience growing companies and building value. We are willing to get involved to implement our expertise as either active board directors, interim/ part-time or full-time members of management teams.  We offer entrepreneurs and business owners like you an attractive alternative to selling to a competitor (corporate buyer) or a traditional private equity firm. We are different in the following ways:

Business Continuity – We anticipate partnering with your existing management team to successfully grow your business. This represents an attractive alternative to selling to a competitor (or other corporate buyer) or a traditional private equity buyer, who oftentimes look to tuck the company into a larger entity and then downsize the headcount and infrastructure.

Long-term Time Horizon – We prefer to take a patient investment view. Our partnership with you and existing management in most cases will have no defined time limit. We will grow your business over the long-term. We value management continuity, customer retention, strong employee relations and your legacy. While some investors may wish to exit earlier, we have found great success occurs after 10 years or more of operations. Accordingly, we are committed to responsible and long-term investment in your business.

Experienced Board of DirectorsYou may not currently enjoy the benefit of an experienced Board of Directors as seasoned as we may provide. Once an investment is made, a Board of Directors consisting of experienced business leaders and operators will be formed in order to ensure the company is responsibly governed.

Flexible Investments – You may elect to raise minority equity for growth, sell a majority equity stake and retain (“roll over”) equity in the sale, or sell 100% of the company. If you retain equity, you will benefit from the value we expect to create after the sale. This oftentimes translates into meaningful financial upside for you.

Collaborative Partnership Approach – We are much more flexible in our approach relative to corporate or private equity buyers. We will partner with you in a collaborative process to truly understand your business and personal objectives. We believe our approach allows you to achieve liquidity while concurrently ensuring the long-term success of your business. Whether your priorities include business continuity, deal structuring, estate planning, post-sale involvement, tax efficiency, timing, retaining equity or a 100% exit, we will find a way to achieve your goals to all parties’ mutual benefit.

Swift and Efficient Action – We are not a large bureaucratic organization. We are highly responsive, making decisions and taking action quickly and easily. We do what we say. Our process will proceed discretely and efficiently with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. We appreciate lengthy due diligence may cause distractions and as such, expect to complete the acquisition as quickly as possible. You can be assured we will maintain the strictest confidentiality. Additionally, we are committed to working with you to ensure the transaction is seamless and avoids interruption to customers and employees.

The table below compares our approach to that of a corporate buyer and a private equity buyer:

  Trident Holding Group Competitor / Corporate Buyer Traditional Private Equity Buyer
Deal Focus Owner objectives Asset and cost reduction Maximize returns via financial engineering
Time Horizon Long-term Varies 3 to 5 years
Experience Profitably growing $5mm to $40mm businesses Integrating small companies into large organizations Maximize short-term profits and financial engineering
Business Model Partner with you and your management team Multiple divisions / business units and bureaucracy Fund raising for increasingly larger funds
Deal Terms Collaborative to meet your objectives Rigid in order to protect the corporation Driven by short-term return requirements
Employee Focus Highly valued and essential to success Typically some level of layoffs Varies, but may include layoffs
Your (Owner) Ongoing Role Flexible and open to meet your objectives Employee or no role Current role primarily
Theophilos via Compfight cc
Theophilos via Compfight cc